Financial Details

An investment in a thoroughbred racehorse is a volatile investment and is not for the conservative investor or faint of heart. The value of a thoroughbred fluctuates throughout its racing career. The animal’s value is determined by its perceived potential for success and later by performance in races and expected performance in future races. The most important variable to consider when evaluating a racehorse’s career and future performance is the animal’s ability to withstand the training regime and remain healthy.

At Sackatoga Stable, our investment strategy is to build into each principal’s share calculation the cost of the first year’s expenses. Our goal is to ensure that as the horse begins its racing career at age two, its purse earning will at a minimum cover the horses annual operating expenses. These estimates for monthly operating expense are outlined below:

Training Fees

Blacksmith and Veterinary
Insurance $500
Transportation (NY, FL and Saratoga)
Admin / Mgmt. including office expenses, taxes, tax prep. and web site maintenance

* Assumes horse is in training 12 months. Many horses will spend 2-4 months at training centers which will reduce costs by $1,500 - $2,000 per month.